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 How One Small Pension Fund Added $1 Billion in Value, April 2019

 Fintech Gains a Footing with Asset Owners, April 2019

Dr. Arun Muralidhar talks about the Book "50 States of Gray: An Innovative Solution to the Defined Contribution Retirement Crisis",   
   May 2018

 Opinion: Funds Could Increase Their Expected Rates of Return by Michael Mikytuck and Dr. Arun Muralidhar, May 2018

Release of Dr. Arun Muralidhar's Book "50 States of Gray: An Innovative Solution to the Defined Contribution Retirement Crisis", May 2018

Commentary by Dr. Arun Muralidhar: Cash flow-driven investing � Keep it simple and straightforward, April 2018

Prof. Robert C Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose SeLFIES for India: These long-term bonds can fund India�s infrastructure needs
   and improve retirement security,
 February 2018

 Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose SeLFIES Can Improve the Nation�s Retirement Security, November 2017

 Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar propose Retirement SeLFIES to improve pension outcomes, April 2017

 Prof. Robert Merton and Dr. Arun Muralidhar provide a new perspective on monetary policy, April 2015

 IMCA 2014 Edward D. Baker III Journal Research Award  for The Relative Asset Pricing Model: Toward a Unified Theory of Asset
by Dr. Arun Muralidhar (Chairman, Mcube Investment Technologies, LLC), Kazuhiko Ohashi (Hitotsubashi University -
  Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy) and Sung Hwan Shin (Korea Fixed Income Research Institute),
  Journal of Investment Consulting 15, No.1, 2014.

Pension CIOs Win Award for Paper on Risk Management,  April 2013

Bright Lights, Big Country (May/June 2012)

 IMCA 2012 Edward D. Baker III Journal Award for  Dynamic beta management: getting paid to manage risks by Timothy Barrett (CIO -   Kodak), Don Pierce (CIO - San Bernardino CERA), James Perry (Asst. CIO - San Bernardino CERA) and Dr. Arun Muralidhar   (Chairman), Journal of Investment Consulting, November 2011

Investments and Pensions Europe Articles
  Source: Investments & Pensions Europe

Mcube named "Software Provider of the Year" by Global Pensions Awards 2008, February 2008

Optimizing Returns the Key to Success - Article in IPE on Dainippon Ink Pension Fund, September 2007
  Source: Investments & Pensions Europe

Pragmatist of the Pension Industry - Article in IPE featuring Patrick Groenendijk of Pension funds Vervoer, September 2007
  Source: Investments & Pensions Europe

Money Magazine - Lessons in Entrepreneurship - Start Smart, June 2007
  Source: Money Magazine

Dr. Arun Muralidhar - Profile in Plan Advisor, March 2007
  Source: Plan Advisor - Spring 2007

Former Sony Chief Tackles Static Rebalancing Issue, December 2006
  Source: IPA - Investment & Pensions Asia

Companies for the 21st century: Financial News picks 21 technology firms with the potential to shape the industry landscape in
  the new millennium,
October 2006
  Source: Financial News

Vervoer to utilize Mcube's AlphaEngine for fiduciary oversight, September 2006
  Source: Investments & Pensions Europe (IPE)

Innovative Global Approaches: From Static to Dynamic Management of Portfolios, April 2006
  Source: CFA Institute

CalPERs becomes latest fund to sign up for 'empowering' Mcube, March 2006
  Source: FT Mandate, Roger Aitken

Taking a long view: A case of `ask and ye shall receive' (CalPERS� Eric Busay on AlphaEngine�, February 2006
  Source: Pensions & Investments, Pg 8, Frontlines by Joel Chernoff